current working groups (AGs)

You are a ZTB member and are interested in participating actively in one of the working groups (AGs)? Please send us an email: vorstand(at) Some of the AGs are open to non-members as well. Just ask if you are interested.

AG Work Culture

….was initiated in 2021 by Kasia Wolinska ( ZTB e.V.) and Mateusz Szymanowka ( Sophienseale) to facilitate discussions on the culture of work within Berlin dance scene and to develop tools and activities that would eventually lead to the improvement of how we work. Around 20 participants/ volunteers – dancers, choreographers, producers, dramaturges, curators and activists – joined forces in the frame of regular meetings throughout the year to examine the existing and (possible ) future working structures and relations that stem from those. In 2022 the group is aiming at development of the guidelines for the Berlin free dance that will be then presented to the community and further consulted. The foundational goal of this work is to support, promote and normalize good practices within the working environments – addressing problems of violence, (self-)exploitation, exhaustion and inequality within the scene.


 AG Tanz und Elternschaft

Dance and Parenthood Working Group is an association and initiative of dance professionals with the aim of improving the working conditions of dance professionals in parenthood. The Working group works in self-organized manner and on a voluntary basis. Since November 2020, the WG meets online once a month.
In exchange, we name and analyze existing deficits, disadvantages and existing barriers for dance creators in parenthood – in the dance scene and in the funding system – and we develop concrete proposals and approaches on how these can be remedied. We regularly invite cross-disciplinary guests from the scene and cultural politics and establish new networks with other actors and activists.
Working groups members (as of February 2021):
Claudia Garbe, Janne Gregor, Jenny Haack, Jasna Layes Vinovrski, Anja Kolmanics, Raisa Kröger, Heike Kuhlmann, Saskia Oidtmann, Steffi Sembdner, Maria Walser



former AG 2020 / 2021

17. Nov. / 18:00 ZTB Jubiläums AG
weitere Termine tba

18. Nov./ 18:00 Tanzförderung AG
weiterer Termine: Di 15.12.2020, Mi 13. Januar 2021

19. Nov./ 12:00 Tanz und Elternschaft AG
weitere Termine:  Do 17.12. 2020, Do 14.01.2021, Do 18.02.21, Do 18.03.21

7. Dez. / 17:30 Vereinsstruktur/ Ehrenamt AG
weitere Termine tba


020 / 2021

17 Nov / 18:00 Anniversary / ZTB Jubilee AG
further dates tba

18 Nov./ 18:00 Dance funding AG
another appointment: Wed 16.12.2020

19 Nov/12:00 Dance and Parenthood AG
further dates: Thu 17.12. 2020, Thu 14.01.2021, Thu 18.02.21, Thu 18.03.21

7 Dec / 17:30 Association structure/ honorary office AG
further dates tba

21 Dec / 18:00 Dance Platform 2022 AG