peer to peer project

The peer-to-peer project wants to support dance professionals in the current situation / corona crisis.

Funded fields of assistance/advice, e.g.:
● assistance/ translations in application processes for upcoming support programs for artists and freelancers
● producer’s consultation regarding handling of ongoing productions and/or cancelled performances
● other work-related advice

For a dancemaker seeking help or advice regarding the current situation|corona crisis, please note:
In the peer-to-peer agreement, at least one of the parties has to be an active member of ZTB e.V. ( a member with 2020 member fee paid)

This is how it works:

1) You start with posting your request for support in Peer 2 Peer Facebook group:
2) When someone can offer their service, they get in touch with you and you communicate in regards to what is needed and how it can be done. Due to the current situation the support comes through online meetings or phone calls (no physical meeting).

3) When you reach an agreement with the person offering the service please send us an email to peer2peer(at) with the information what you were asking for and who will support you, so we can confirm the deal. Please wait for our confirmation otherwise the payment cannot be made.

For a person offering help:

1) If you can provide competent and decent help in response to a request published on our platform/facebook group, please get in touch with a person posting it.

2) If your offer is accepted, you negotiate together and talk about what is needed and how it can be done.

3) For your work and expertise, in each case of peer-to-peer exchange, we offer a fee in the amount of 50 euros, for which we need an invoice from you.

4) Due to the low-key character of this structure, please make sure that you can provide help that will be needed until the fulfillment of the task given, e.g. when you assist in application, make sure that you stay engaged until the process is completed.

5) When your task is completed, please send an invoice to vorstand(at)
addressed to:
Zeitgenössischer Tanz Berlin e.V. , Uferstr. 23, 13357 Berlin
Peer to Peer Support Project/ Corona Crisis
(description of your support)

Please take note that this support structure is based largely on trust. With the limited budget that we have we aim to provide efficient support for as many people as possible. Therefore,
please respect simple regulations we have put forth and operate within this structure with decency.

Bank account for donations:

Bank für Sozialwirtschaft
Zeitgenössischer Tanz Berlin e.V.
IBAN: DE52100205000003252407

or through PayPal:

Subject : peer 2 peer project/ Corona
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