current ztb working groups

Here you find the dates of the current working groups (AGs) of the ZTB e.V. :

2020 / 2021

17 Nov / 18:00 Anniversary / ZTB Jubilee AG
further dates tba

18 Nov./ 18:00 Dance funding AG
another appointment: Wed 16.12.2020

19 Nov/12:00 Dance and Parenthood AG
further dates: Thu 17.12. 2020, Thu 14.01.2021, Thu 18.02.21, Thu 18.03.21

7 Dec / 17:30 Association structure/ honorary office AG
further dates tba

21 Dec / 18:00 Dance Platform 2022 AG


January / February 2021 Work culture AG
Kick Off Meeting 9 January, Tanztage
(further dates will be announced later)

You are a ZTB member and are interested in participating actively in one of the working groups (AGs)? Please send us an email:

Some of the AGs are also open to non-members. Just ask if you are interested.