FUM#5 with ZTB

FUM#5 with ZTB  – Follow Up Monthly – hosted by Jeremy Wade

This time the choreographer Jeremy Wade invited us to his house.
We discuss how to reach as many people as possible with a campaign, what forms of creative protest there are and who we want to reach with our cause.
Please register until Sunday at: vorstand@ztberlin.de
The number of participants is limited due to lack of space. With the registration you will get the exact location.

When: Tue, 29.10.2019, 7 pm

FUM with ZTB #2

FUM* with ZTB #2
30th July 2019, 7 pm.

Where: Café Pförtner, Uferstr. 8, 13357 Berlin

Dear members, dear interested people,
our second FUM* with ZTB is just around the corner.
This meeting is all about PROTEST!
We are angry and disappointed about the results of the draft budget for 2020/21 after this intensive year with the Round Table Dance!
Starting in August, we are preparing a campaign with several actions to show our frustration and bring it to the public. With you we would like to develop creative resistance and discuss together. Come in large numbers to the bus of the Cafe Pförtner in Wedding!

* Follow up monthly – FUM with ZTB takes place every last Tuesday of the month. Follow up dates: 27.08.2019, 24.09.2019