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About us

The registered association “Zeitgenössischer Tanz Berlin” (Contemporary Dance Berlin) represents the interests of artists, choreographers, dancers, dance companies and institutions active in the context of dance, choreography and performance in Berlin.

We strive to create a productive framework for joint political commitment while advocating transparent and equal communication between artists, politicians, and the public. We are open to any kind of initiative that enriches the artistic and political lives of people from dance, choreography and performance in Berlin.

The ZTB was founded in 2000. As we felt the need to acknowledge the heterogeneity and diversity of contemporary dance in Berlin, in 2017 we decided to include choreography and performance as integral parts of our mission statement.

What we do

  • Develop strategies to strengthen the infrastructure for dance, choreography and performance in Berlin
  • Represent the interests of contemporary artistic work in dance, choreography and performance; communicating its needs to Berlin politicians, city councils, and the public
  • Connect professionals in dance, choreography and performance with each other and with representatives of other artistic disciplines
  • Host regular artist meetings for mutual exchange
  • Inform our members on current cultural political topics and questions
  • Aquire and provide discounts for our members, e.g. discounted theatre tickets

Our Partners

We are the sponsor of Tanzbüro Berlin Zentrale Beratungs-, Vernetzungs- und Marketingstelle für den Berliner Tanz (Central consulting, networking and marketing office for Berlin dance) and its online medium tanzraumberlin. We are partners in the Network TanzRaumBerlin, the Raumkoordination Tanz of the Arbeitskreis Räume, and in the speaker circle of the Koalition der Freien Szene Berlin (Coalition of the Free Scene Berlin). We are a member of the Dachverband Tanz Deutschlanda national platform for artistic dance in Germany.